We are strangers now – Faiz Ahmed Faiz

After those many encounters, that easy intimacy,
we are strangers now –
After how many meetings will we be that close again?

When will we again see a spring of unstained green?
After how many monsoons will the blood be washed
from the branches?

So relentless was the end of love, so heartless –
After the nights of tenderness, the dawns were pitiless,
so pitiless.

And so crushed was the heart that though it wished
it found no chance –
after the entreaties, after the despair — for us to
quarrel once again as old friends.

Faiz, what you’d gone to say, ready to offer everything,
even your life –
those healing words remained unspoken after all else had
been said.

– Faiz Ahmed Faiz, translated by Agha Shahid Ali