NO TIME – Steve Toth


The sun doesn’t contain itself
so how shall we?
What’s more precise
than our own illusions?
Be not afraid
I feel free to tell you anything
I want to learn to drive you wild
Nobody’s safe
We’re all naked as flowers
How do you always know where to look?
Love me silly
Love my brains out

Nothing here is what it seems
There’s no time to waste
so we never cease our explorations
No more words without lives
We don’t run with predators anymore
we run with the prey
What’s more important
than the way life is
playing with your hair
disguised as my figures?
My thinking passages
are all fogged up with your breath

Our desires are developing their own strains
Tease me with revelations
Whatever you touch
you seem to transfigure
Transfigure me with your touch
Only you know what I mean
There’s no time to waste
Sing for me
Sing death is a lie
You’re what’s really intoxicating
making the moon shine
in the still of this night

~Steve Toth